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Well, I wasted no time in trying out this Firefox add-on recommended by BJ Keltz.  Very easy to install and set-up.  Apparently, I can post entries to other blogs I might have, and Scribefire also provides a list of my entries and categories.  I can tag, too, and have my […]


Here’s a new term that I came across in a Wall Street Journal essay published in the June 14-15, 2008 edition: elderbloggers. In her essay, “Put It in Writing,” Ronni Bennett writes about the growing population of elderbloggers, the thousands of bloggers who are older than 50. At the time […]

Learn How You Can Get Paid for Blogging

Hana Kim, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, provides great advice for anyone interested in getting paid for blogging. Her advice can apply to writing in general since she touches getting used to rejection and calculating appropriate rates; however, her own experience in getting paid to blog is particularly […]

Blogging is fun!

My most favorite blogger, John Hewitt, has a delightful post about why he loves blogging more than freelancing. He gives five reasons: (1) he doesn’t have to send out query letters; (2) he can write about whatever he wants; (3) he doesn’t have to answer to an editor; (4) he […]