What’s Going On?

Not much and yet maybe too much. A couple of months ago I signed up for SmokeLong Fitness Community Workshop. It's all flash, all the time. I've since learned that I can write to prompts quite happily if I'm given an example of a response. My creative battery is apparently sparked by other people's creativity. We're… Continue reading What’s Going On?


The Birthday Card I Will Never Send

August 2 is my sister Shirley's birthday. She would have been 76 today. Here's the birthday card I bought for her a couple of months ago. I think she would have gotten a kick out of it.  During the viewing and funeral in early July, many people came up to me and said I looked… Continue reading The Birthday Card I Will Never Send


I’m Running Out of July

I've got only a couple of days before the month of July is over ... to which I say, Good riddance, July! For those of you new to my blog, let me start with the painful acknowledgment of my sister's death late on July 1. For context, I have three siblings and our birth order… Continue reading I’m Running Out of July