Brave New Year

Happy New Year, everyone, and here we all are once again. You might notice that I've made some changes to this blog. I'm not yet done. Perhaps I'll never be done, but I needed a change, and I needed it before the new year started. As many of you already know, the last six months… Continue reading Brave New Year


What Day Is It? And Does It Matter?

I thought Wednesday was Saturday but I knew Thursday was Thursday and, so far, I'm confident that today is Friday (and my calendar says so too). Tomorrow should be Saturday and I just hope I don't think it's Wednesday because I have a couple of appointments and getting my days wrong would really screw things… Continue reading What Day Is It? And Does It Matter?


Life in Non Sequiturs and (Trying) to Get My Writing Groove Back

In a New Yorker article (September 13, 2021), author Amia Srinivasan made this observation: "[...] the Internet, [...] has simultaneously given us too much to read and corroded our capacity to read it." The context was feminism and what we think we know about it, but her description of how the Internet has impacted reading… Continue reading Life in Non Sequiturs and (Trying) to Get My Writing Groove Back


Waiting, but not for Godot.

I've always been indecisive, sometimes very indecisive, but never not indecisive. I wonder if indecisiveness is related to procrastination because I'm afflicted with both conditions. I have worked on my novel a bit here and there, but I've been spending the bulk of my creative energy learning punch needle work and knitting up some old… Continue reading Waiting, but not for Godot.


Splish Splash and Sundry Stuffs #amwriting #amknitting #family

Don't worry. I'm not writing this post from my bathtub. No, I'm well-covered up in comfy clothes (including a wool cardigan), preparing another post of this and that and the other thing. Sigh. Where do I begin? I sometimes think I should write my blog posts one thought at a time. A while ago I… Continue reading Splish Splash and Sundry Stuffs #amwriting #amknitting #family


Living in the Moment … As Much As I Can #MondayBlogs #hiking #knitting

I've been leading a non-writing life lately ... well, if you don't count writing letters (of the snail mail variety). Although I've been writing in my head a lot. Somehow I don't manage to put those thoughts down on paper. No, what usually gets down on paper is my endless to-do lists for both work… Continue reading Living in the Moment … As Much As I Can #MondayBlogs #hiking #knitting


Living in the Moment: Casper, WY #MondayBlogs #Wyoming

If you're new to my blog and want to know how this road trip began, click here for the first post. We arrived in Evansville, WY, just outside Casper, in the evening, early enough to take a walk around and become oriented to our new "home" for the next few days. To our surprise and… Continue reading Living in the Moment: Casper, WY #MondayBlogs #Wyoming

Writing about writing

WritingNotWriting #Mondayblogs #amwriting #amknitting

The title of my post is a riff on the fleetingly popular #SorryNotSorry. I'm writing but not really writing. I mean, I haven't been writing but I've been thinking about it a lot. As usual. What I have been doing is ... knitting.     When in doubt, I knit. Not only is knitting a… Continue reading WritingNotWriting #Mondayblogs #amwriting #amknitting

Book Review

You Can’t Get Rid of Me … At least not easily #MondayBlogs #knitting #GrandFunkRailroad

Hello, dear friends!  What an interesting week it's been.  And exhausting given that I had the luxury of roughly two weeks of staycation.  Returning to work after any length of hiatus is never easy.  But, still, my year started off great and I hope yours did too.  To start off, when we went to have… Continue reading You Can’t Get Rid of Me … At least not easily #MondayBlogs #knitting #GrandFunkRailroad

Knitting · Procrastination · Writing

I Got Almost … #MondayBlogs #Procrastination

Nothing.  Yes, dear Reader, I got almost nothing for this post today.  I have been fairly productive of late, but not with writing or blogging.  Again, it's the knitting. A friend noted that the buttons on the baby sweater I knitted for a baby-to-be might not be appropriate for a baby. Yes, they are cute… Continue reading I Got Almost … #MondayBlogs #Procrastination