Raji and Wendy’s Great Adventure

An alternative title to this post would be The Great Escape. Be assured this story has a happy ending, although the experience probably shaved a few years off my life. Last Sunday I was minding my own business, sitting in front of my computer checking email, when I heard my husband calling for Raji and… Continue reading Raji and Wendy’s Great Adventure

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-1 + 4 Weeks: Life with Raji and Cheating

Before I get to Raji and cheating, I feel I should explain the math in my post titles. Originally I had planned to make February 4 my termination date, my last day with my employer. But when I told my husband that I had a month of vacation time saved up, he suggested March 4… Continue reading -1 + 4 Weeks: Life with Raji and Cheating