What’s Going On?

Not much and yet maybe too much. A couple of months ago I signed up for SmokeLong Fitness Community Workshop. It's all flash, all the time. I've since learned that I can write to prompts quite happily if I'm given an example of a response. My creative battery is apparently sparked by other people's creativity. We're… Continue reading What’s Going On?

iPhone photography


Almost down to the wire with this week's Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. The lovely Ana has the lead on this week's prompt: Postcards. I would like to encourage you to participate, in any way you want. You can show us some of your pictures that you would send as postcards to someone you love. Or you… Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS PHOTO CHALLENGE #159 – POSTCARDS


16 Weeks But Who’s Counting? #wfh #lookingforward

It's interesting that the only "work" people seem to understand is that which you do for a company or a government. That if you say you work for yourself, people assume you don't work at all. It makes me wonder how work is defined.


No, It’s Not Your Imagination

Hello, friends. You may (or may not) have noticed changes to my blog. When I downgraded to the Premium plan, my WP theme reverted to its original theme, and so I've been searching for a new one. There are so many! I'm keen on the "Responsive Layout" which means it should look good whether you're… Continue reading No, It’s Not Your Imagination


Real Florida for Real Thanks Giving #RealFlorida #Nature #Photography

Fall colors in Florida are nothing like the fall colors I grew up with in New York, but after 30 years living here, I have to say it can get pretty colorful here.


Reaching for the Stars: Prose Poem? #MondayBlogs #yoga

I felt the staccato snap of each vertebrae in my spine as I lengthened and then twisted my torso in Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) and wondered how much longer I could keep looking up at the ceiling before I lost all feeling in my neck. The yogi urges me to take two more waves of breath… Continue reading Reaching for the Stars: Prose Poem? #MondayBlogs #yoga


Views From the Road: Teaser #Mondayblogs #travel

Guess where we went on vacation ... Guess what my husband did most of the time we were on vacation ... More on this and other adventures later. I'm still recovering. UPDATE on my short story in Florida's Emerging Writers: An Anthology by Z Publishing House -- it's now available for purchase! To get yourself… Continue reading Views From the Road: Teaser #Mondayblogs #travel


Living in the Moment: Casper, WY #MondayBlogs #Wyoming

If you're new to my blog and want to know how this road trip began, click here for the first post. We arrived in Evansville, WY, just outside Casper, in the evening, early enough to take a walk around and become oriented to our new "home" for the next few days. To our surprise and… Continue reading Living in the Moment: Casper, WY #MondayBlogs #Wyoming


Living in the Moment: Mashes Sands and … more fiddler crabs #nature #fiddler crabs

This is "Part 2" of our day in the fun and sun and sand and water, and frolicking with fiddler crabs.  Part 1 was spent at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, which was supposed to be a quick trip to check out some time lapse filming opportunities for my husband.  A ranger at the Refuge… Continue reading Living in the Moment: Mashes Sands and … more fiddler crabs #nature #fiddler crabs