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Throw away the rules that bind.

Looking for a place for your poetry, stories, essays, photography to be published both online and on paper? Jayde-Ashe of The Paperbook Collective has loosened up her guidelines a bit (much like me loosening up the waistline on my clothes … so much more comfortable :)). One highlight is she will now take submissions of work that has already been published, say on your blog or another website. This is great news for those of us who have published poems or stories on our blog and then been told that those works of art are not acceptable for submissions to other venues. So go to The Paperbook Collective, check out the revised guidelines and SUBMIT 🙂

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It’s Friday afternoon, and I am elbow deep in Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective. I should probably be nose deep in a glass of wine, but there is none in the house. That I can find anyway…

So I’m feeling a bit crazy, a little bit wild, slightly Mad Hatter-esque. And a thought just struck me.

Let’s throw out the rule book for good.

I had grand intentions when I first begun The Paperbook Collective. I thought it would be released promptly on the 1st of each month, it would include specific types of content, submissions would end on a specific date and it would all be very professional and proper.

But let’s be honest. Professional and proper? That’s not really my style.

So here are the ‘guidelines’ I created at the start of this journey:


  1. All work must be original and unpublished. This means it cannot…

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